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I consider myself an artist, first and foremost.

Whether it’s creating art with a photographer or as the photographer, my mediums are an extension of my perspective, as art is always an extension of the artist in that way. My photography style is inspired by so many — from the great Gordon Parks, to my 11th grade photography teacher, Mrs. Epps. It is with both a curious & curating eye that I express my experiences through the lens of a camera.


In front of the camera, I feel alive when I get to create magic with a team of professionals using fashion, art, expression, and energy. I am forever a student & always expanding my talent as a model by learning from some of the best in the business. I was taught the art of posing and modeling directly by the Queen of Pose herself, Coco Rocha.


Below you’ll find my portfolio of work both in front of + behind the lens.