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comfort kills

Wild Guide: Comfort Kills Happiness

Wild Guide Rule #13 #comfortkills WILD GUIDE LESSON   It's my belief that comfort kill happiness. We become really stationary in our comfort zones & something that's easily confused with happiness takes over. It's not necessarily a bad thing to be comfortable, but staying comfortable means you're not really growing. We expand as we grow, [...]

Gen Z Yellow

Trend Alert: Gen Z Yellow Blooms This Spring!

Gen Z Yellow Millennial Pink was such a moment because it was the first time a generation had been 'defined' by a colour. Suddenly Millennial Pink popped up everywhere - clothing, accessories, ad campaigns, etc. But what follows a generationally defined colour for the next squad? Enter the new kid on the block- Gen Z [...]

The NOW Massage

#INNERBeauty: The NOW Massage

A week ago I stopped by The NOW Massage, a very minimalist, but gorgeous boutique massage spa located in the Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles, as well as Silver lake, Studio City and Santa Monica. The NOW Massage is reconceptualizing how clients experience massage. They have designed a space that offers their guests an oasis [...]

birth chart

Wild Bruja: Birth Charts

Knowing who you are is everything. Accepting who you are is power. Working on who you are (esp. the bits we don't like) is service. One of my fav things is astrology. I've recently taken a deep dive & started learning about houses, nodes, mid-heavens, etc. I do this to know myself, my strengths, weaknesses, [...]

Skin Routine

#WildBeauty: My Ultimate Skin Routine

So on average people think I'm at about 15 years younger than I am, thanks to my skin routine game being on lock. Also MAJOR blessings to good genes and drinking LOTS of water. But that's only part of what keeps me looking baby fresh these days. Recently, I took a complimentary Sephora class called [...]

fashion week trends

Freshly Fed: Fashion Week Trends for 2018

NYFW Fashion News #FashionWeekTrends Dion Lee by (photo credit: @fancygomez) This years SS NYFW came and went and I’m serving you up a dose of fashion week trends for 2018. What’s hot? What’s trend worthy? And what will you be coveting along with all the other fashion influencers? Don’t worry loves, I’ll have you Freshly [...]