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Freshly Fed: NYFW with Paul Smith

NYFW Fashion News #CoreCouture Last week, I produced a private, members-only NYFW runway presentation for Paul Smith in NYC. Props to me + my company Supernova Société, it was the only fashion show that Paul Smith was apart of for New York Fashion Week! Hosted at the beautiful Core Club, the Core: Couture show embodied [...]

Saying No

Wild Guide: The Art of Saying NO

Wild Guide Rule #7 #TellEmNo WILD GUIDE LESSON   So often women are taught to be pleasing, accommodating and the ultimate team player, often times to our own detriment or stress. Well, enough of that. There's a beautiful art to saying no while also not feeling bad. It's worth mastering because this world will so easily [...]

2017 Trendcast

Freshly Fed: 2017 Trendcast Report

Well, 2016 is coming to a close, but not before I preview what the hottest fashion trends will be in my 2017 trendcast report. From the re-emergence of colour (bye bye all black wardrobe!), to flowing volume, the fashion game will be strong next year, so you better get ready to bring it! Patches (on [...]

Drop The Beat Thursday's

Drop The Beat Thursday’s

Throwing more luxe tunes your way from my 7th volume of Drop The Beat Thursday's... Bringing you the hottest + freshest beats and mixes ♥ #youhearditherefirst ♥ ps- Kid Cudi gets ♥ twice bc the album is that luscious!