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Brea Box

Brea Box

Brea Box is a sustainable fashion subscription company that delivers hip, ethical clothes to stylish women.

Sustainable fashion means making clothes the least harmful way possible. It’s impossible to avoid any harm at the moment, any kind manufacturing “Does do some damage” (Yvonne Chouinard, Patagonia). Sustainable brands take great care to minimize the damage. They use factories with safe labor conditions, pay workers fair wages, and avoid toxic dyes and excess waste. They avoiding harming animals, they use organic fibers, low impact dyes, recycled fabrics, and innovative new fabrics. 

The fashion industry is changing dramatically. People have learned that the supply chain is toxic. Our landfills are filling up with textile waste and people are asking for a better way of buying clothes.

The mission of Brea Box is to connect sustainable designers with ethical shoppers and help them find amazing pieces that they otherwise wouldn’t have discovered. We curate monthly outfits from brands that manage to care about the environment and make clothes that are hella chic.