What is Saturn Return?
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Wild Bruja: What is Saturn Return?

What is Saturn Return? Chances are if you’re not into astrology, you’ve probably never even heard of this term. In laymen’s terms, it’s when the planet Saturn orbits through your natal Saturn. It takes about (give/take) 27-29 years for it to return to its original placement. It doubles back around another 29ish years later as well when your mid-fifties and again if you’re still alive around your nineties.

That’s great and all but what does that actually mean for you and yours, amirite? Saturn Return is an astrological wake up call if you will, guiding us to grow the ef up. It shows us where we’ve built false foundations and spotlights ways in which we’re not being truthful with our path. The reason why so many people dread Saturn Return is because it can be drastically sobering to discover you need to get real and you haven’t been.

What is Saturn Return?

Sometimes Saturn Return brings us to things as easily as it can take us away from things/people/situations. Choices made before knowing who we really are often get uprooted. What we think we want and who we think we want to be often changes around this time, which is probably why peak divorce age in the US is 30 (link: U.S. Census).

Saturn is a reminder of time and choice and if you’re not in alignment, it can feel like a really rough time. We often get our first taste of coming to terms with our mortality around this age, which is why 30 tends to be such a milestone. Before you start to panic though, this is a reminder that Saturn is never cruel. Think of that strict, insanely hard teacher you had who had the audacity to make you learn and grow. It was a struggle, you wanted to give up… it took a ton of discipline but once you finished that class, you felt damn proud of what you accomplished. That is Saturn. You gonna learn. Whether you’d like to fight that or flow into that is up to you. During my Saturn Return, I prayed frequently for Saturn to use me as a student and that I was happy and willing to learn and grow.

If you feel really off balanced as you’re coming into your Saturn Return, try to figure out:

  • ways in which you might be building on a shaky foundation. Get real about your life. Are you relying on ephemeral structures like your looks or charm?
  • Like Drake said, ‘I really I like who I’m becoming’. Figure out who you are as your best self and make that happen. Love who you are or become who you love. Saturn Return is really about owning you are instead of it owning you.
  • “I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again” – F. Scott Fitzgerald If it don’t feel right, change it babe!

Your Saturn Return will strip away what’s not working for you or no longer serves you and your higher self. Trying to resist and hold onto the things Saturn is pulling you away from creates suffering and unnecessary pain. They’re often the things that seem like a great loss at first but in retrospect we are glad to have shed them like a sucky partner, a job we hate, etc.

My Saturn Return


During my Saturn Return I lost my job, got kicked out of where I lived, lost my whole group of friends, couldn’t earn money to save my life and almost ended up committing suicide. I say this not to terrify you, but to let you know truthfully what fighting Saturn Return can look like. I didn’t realize that I had been coasting on a ridiculously shaky af foundation. It turns out, the job I lost inspired me to take a leap of faith and start my own business. Living in a less expensive place helped me save and come to terms with living outside my budget to impress others. Losing my friends made me realize that I invested in the wrong people by not investing in myself. Not earning money taught humility, karma and self-resilience. Overcoming suicide taught me how to love the shit out of life and hang in there for the ride.

A harsh ride through your Saturn Return is not set in stone. Some people ace it because they’ve been doing the work and built it on solid foundation of knowing who they are, what they want and how to achieve it. All Saturn does is match you with your efforts. You earn as much as you put in through discipline and self-reflection.

If you’ve already experienced your Saturn Return, what were some of the life lessons you faced around 27-29? Reviewing this time period will show you what patterns you might see again on your next Saturn’s Return and help you prepare.

If you’re interested in knowing what specific things might show up during your Saturn Return (or any of your life), I recommend getting your chart done by Clarissa Dolphin, one of my fav beings and my personal astrologer. I also recommend checking out Natalia Benson as she is another dope babe who also does IG live readings.


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