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Wild Bruja: Magic Myths

magic myths

What is MAGIC?

Most people I talk to have no clue what magic (and beyond) really is. They have some vague idea, usually misinformed through a mashup of movie scenes and based heavily on Colonized stereotypes. Magic myths have persisted because Hollywood & capitalism have done an unfortunate & damaging job of misrepresenting magic and the ethereal. Not surprising, but annoying all the same. Well, in an effort to educate, I interviewed two of the dopest readers I know to dispel some common magic myths and misconceptions.

As previously mentioned, Clarissa Dolphin is my go-to for astrology, shamanic work and readings. She is so. on. point, and has guided me through many big decisions I’ve made concerning my career, friends, life plans and love life.

If you know her, then you love her, Spiritual Counselor (but also my mom ) Florie Johnson is also my go-to for readings and energy work. I’ve worked through so many monumental life lessons during readings with my mom and her Reiki is magic.



Q: Common magic myths & misconceptions about your work?


Clarissa Dolphin: There are so many cool common magic myths surrounding metaphysical professionals, like the sage on the mountain, or the lone enchantress scrying from the crystal ball, but very little practical knowledge as to the specificity and necessity of the tasks we perform.

Since most people don’t know the function of each type of spiritual practitioner’s occupation, it’s easy to blend it all together and create widespread fallacies by placing everything into the “woo woo” pile.

Sometimes there is crossover, since, after all, spiritualists are totally performing psychic work, but most of the time, there is a clear purpose to each particular service. For example, if I want to talk to a dead person, I’ll go to a medium, but if I want to heal that dead person’s soul, I’d go to a shaman. If I wanted information about that dead person, I can go to a shaman, medium or tarot reader, but probably not an astrologer, who is best used for living plans and life operations. Since spiritual realities have been muted in society for so long, discernment is lacking, creating ignorance that could take the form of an idolatrous obsession surrounding mystic occupations or a grand debasement of their value.

From this lack of context, it’s easy to project stereotypes and make false assumptions, specifically regarding the lack of professionalism.

A spiritual job is like any other job; it takes work. For all divinatory work, be it tarot or astrology, gleaning information requires skill and practice. Shamanic or spiritual healings are also technically demanding. Honing energy, power or collecting information from supernatural realms is not easy to do. Years of effort and an unwavering dedication to acquiring technique is necessary to really succeed at this. Even though I suspect diviners and spiritual practitioners are born with extramundane abilities, you’ve still got plenty of lifelong learning to do surrounding the nature of the gifts and how to control and best use them for the benefit of mankind. Flipping a switch to become super psychic and all-knowing is one of those projected fallacies; this work is way more hardcore than that.

Florie Johnson: The most common misconception about my work is that people seem not to realize that we all have varying psychic abilities. Now, that doesn’t mean you listen to your gut or know how to listen to your gut. It just means that your gut does exist and your job is to learn how to get in touch with that. Another misconception is that the answers are outside of you. I’ve had people ask me if they’ll be happy in the future and my answer is always if you want to be. In other words the answer is not outside of you. The power is not outside of you, it’s inside. Another common magic myth that people have been told that is if you decide you want to read cards you have to wait for someone to give you a deck. This makes absolutely no sense. The second you know you’re ready to read, you need to go buy your own deck. You don’t need to sit back and wait for someone else to recognize this in you. One of the biggest fallacies about my line of work I’d like to shed light on is the huge difference between the people in the neon psychic shops, and people like me, who actually do energy work. The people that work in those neon psychic shops are trying to rip you off. Where as when you go to an intuitive reader or an energy worker, they’re trying to help you heal. They’re trying to help you grow. They’re not trying to rip you off and scare you.

Q: What does magic mean to you?


CD: Magic means everything, it is this infinite enchantment present in the mind-blowing and the mundane, permeating all existence. Magic tends to be inexplicable and awe-inspiring when revealed in its apparent truth; it always connects me to soul reality, which is obviously greater than the senses and extends into these insanely remarkable supertemporal realms. Human language is limited in its capacity to express the true nature of magic, it renders speechless, because there is no way to describe in words the breadth of it.

FJ: Magic is life. Everything is energy and energy is magical. Magic is the manipulation of energy. When you look at energy work, be it martial arts, acupuncture, or Reiki, etc. it’s all the manipulation of energy – and that’s what I think magic is.

Q: Ways clients can properly prep for a session with you?


CD: For any divinatory session, it’s always best to be equipped with questions or a line of inquiry you’re interested in seeking guidance about. I’m not sure what it would do, and there’s no judgement around doing so, but dropping acid before or after a session might not be the best idea for a shamanic or spiritual healing. Drugs are metaphysical teachers too, so it may be a good idea to chill on getting super high in the days surrounding a spiritual healing session, ‘cause your soul is recovering from the healing and may be more vulnerable than usual. Coming in receptive to the healing or divine information is best. In most cases though, I think the best prep is no prep. Just come as you are.

FJ: It’s important to let go of all the garbage that we’re dragging. So I tell my clients to make a list of all the negative things that have happened to them that they can’t seem to let go of. Because that way we can bring it up, look at it differently, and shift the perception about it.

Q: What services do you provide?


CD: I provide all kinds of divinatory services, including tarot and shamanic divination, as well as full-on professional astrological analyses as a certified Vibrational Astrologer.

I am also a shamanic healer, working with spirits to help heal soul illnesses by performing extractions or soul retrievals. I work with the dead as a shamanic practitioner too.

FJ: I do intuitive readings and I do Reiki sessions. I also clean peoples energy with a feather and I do house and office clearings as well. A clearing is when I remove the negative energy built up in a space. Spaces hold energy and we have to clean it out like we would dust or anything else.

Clarissa Dolphin

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Florie Johnson

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    • Thank you so much for being apart of expanding this conversation with your lovely and thoughtful responses! 🌟✨

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