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Knowing who you are is everything. Accepting who you are is power. Working on who you are (esp. the bits we don’t like) is service. One of my fav things is astrology. I’ve recently taken a deep dive & started learning about houses, nodes, mid-heavens, etc. I do this to know myself, my strengths, weaknesses, blindsides, and best strategies. Getting my birth chart read was one of the coolest things I’ve done for myself.

I think there’s power in knowledge and I like knowing how to help organize my life for easiest flow & growth. Most people think astrology stops with whatever your Sun sign is. More people are starting to understand the magnitude your moon & rising signs play in your life. But a lot of people don’t yet know the significance the rest of the planets play in your birth chart.

My Birth Chart

My Birth Chart

Here is my free birth chart. My planetary placements are:

  • Sun Sign: Libra
  • Rising/Ascending: Aquarius
  • Moon: Capricorn
  • Mercury: Libra
  • Venus: Virgo
  • Mars: Virgo
  • Jupiter: Sagittarius
  • Saturn: Scorpio
  • Uranus: Sagittarius
  • Neptune: Sagittarius
  • Pluto: Libra
  • N. Node: Gemini
  • S. Node: Sagittarius
  • Houses 1-6: empty
  • House 7: Venus, Mars
  • House 8: Sun, Mercury
  • House 9: Saturn, Pluto
  • House 10: Uranus, Jupiter
  • House 11: Moon, Neptune
  • House 12: empty

Understanding Your Birth Chart

To get your birth chart, visit Alabe. If you you’re able to find out the time you were born, enter this for your rising/ascending sign placement. If you don’t have this info, skip this part. Once you got the whole gang of planets, come back and check out what each part means.

Birth Chart Breakdown

Beyond your Sun sign, each planet has significance. To understand the meanings of your signs I have broken it down:


life, conscious, identity, individuality, what you’re known for

how you appear to others, how you approach your daily tasks and your habits, your appearance and your style

subconscious/programmed self, your emotional needs, your reactions to experiences, your femininity

communication, travel, social networking, knowledge

love, desire, relationships, beauty, harmony

aggression, will, anger, drive, determination

luck, fortune, expansion, charity

authority, responsibility, limitations, restrictions, time

originality, technology, change, individuality

spirituality, intuition, dreams, confusion

rebirth, renewal, change, transformation

  • North Node: the path we need to travel in this lifetime for soul growth and success
  • South Node: the accomplishments and/or misgivings of past incarnations; what you need to let go of in this lifetime

Your S. Node is always the opposite zodiac sign of your N. Node

It breaks down further into houses, which plays into how planets show up in your horoscope. One or more planets showing up in a specific house strengthens its presence in your life/personality. A basic breakdown of the houses:

  1. House of Self
  2. House of Possessions
  3. House of Communication
  4. House of Home; also Early/Late Parts of Life
  5. House of Creativity & Sex
  6. House of Service & Health
  7. House of Marriage & Partnership
  8. House of Death/Regeneration; also Legacies
  9. House of Mental Exploration
  10. House of Career
  11. House of Hopes & Wishes; also Friends
  12. House of Secrets, Sorrows & Self-Undoing

It’s crazy how specific it can get, but it does not predict fate. It reflects potential because will power & focus dictate everything. Two dope sisters who can read your chart & shine a light on your life are Clarissa Dolphin (Instagram) and Ashleigh (Instagram). Get your life all the way together & get your birth chart done. So many people are bumping through life, projecting their traumas onto other people. We gotta work on ourselves in whatever way works best. For me – that was finding out my birth chart & zeroing in on the problem areas actively (sometimes/often aggressively) to become my actualized potential.

So whether it’s a birth chart, or something else – take the time to find out about yourself. Work on your ishhh – be an active participant in getting yourself together. It feels better in the long run – I promise you!


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