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June Johnson Gua Shu Facials

Wild Beauty: Gua Shu Facials

Gua Shu Facials Jade rollers... so everything right? Well, let me introduce you to Jade Rollers' cooler, older cousin - Gua Shu facials. Gua Shu, pronounced Gwa Sha is an ancient Chinese skin scrapping technique, designed to help prevent breakouts, end dryness, and reduce aging by way of healthy blood circulation. Before you run to google [...]

Virgil Abloh

Freshly Fed: Virgil Abloh Blesses Louis Vuitton

Crossover Fashion News #LouisVuittonResurrected  Credit: Virgil Abloh, GQ (ROBERT MAXWELL) Virgil Abloh x Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh, the genius behind streetwear brand Off White, has just been announced Creative Director of Menswear at Louis Vuitton. In a move that promises so much, this is a bold step for the luxury brand. Abloh, replaces Kim Jones [...]

Wild Witch

Wild Bruja: Magic Myths

What is MAGIC? Most people I talk to have no clue what magic (and beyond) really is. They have some vague idea, usually misinformed through a mashup of movie scenes and based heavily on Colonized stereotypes. Magic myths have persisted because Hollywood & capitalism have done an unfortunate & damaging job of misrepresenting magic and [...]

comfort kills

Wild Guide: Comfort Kills Happiness

Wild Guide Rule #13 #comfortkills WILD GUIDE LESSON   It's my belief that comfort kill happiness. We become really stationary in our comfort zones & something that's easily confused with happiness takes over. It's not necessarily a bad thing to be comfortable, but staying comfortable means you're not really growing. We expand as we grow, [...]

Gen Z Yellow

Trend Alert: Gen Z Yellow Blooms This Spring!

Gen Z Yellow Millennial Pink was such a moment because it was the first time a generation had been 'defined' by a colour. Suddenly Millennial Pink popped up everywhere - clothing, accessories, ad campaigns, etc. But what follows a generationally defined colour for the next squad? Enter the new kid on the block- Gen Z [...]

The NOW Massage

#INNERBeauty: The NOW Massage

A week ago I stopped by The NOW Massage, a very minimalist, but gorgeous boutique massage spa located in the Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles, as well as Silver lake, Studio City and Santa Monica. The NOW Massage is reconceptualizing how clients experience massage. They have designed a space that offers their guests an oasis [...]