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I was on Twitter last night when I stumbled across an account I love, by one Ms. Brittany Packnett. If you don’t follow her already, please do! She was discussing how she handles New Year’s resolutions and moving forward into the direction you’re aiming for. If you’ve read my New Year’s post, then you know I usually like to take on some things and give up some things in order to align with my dreams. After reading Ms. Packnett’s tweet, I decided that I would be trying this method too! I wanted to share this technique with all of you babes.

Ms. Packnett tweeted that instead of making resolutions, she selects a word she wants to live into for the year and focus all areas of her life around. Genius! I love keeping resolutions simple because I believe it’s the only way they stick. I was so inspired by setting my year’s intention around one word that would shape the entire focus of my life in 2018. I love the thought of aligning my life around a word for one year and really living into it- no excuses! Instead of taking on 5 things for 2018, why not pick one word you’re going to embrace that will change everything?

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2018 resolutions


My word for 2018 will be fearless. I will be fearless in my actions. I will be fearless in the way I approach love. I will be fearless in  business. I will be fearless in my adventures and I will be fearless in how I engage with the world. I’m really excited about the word I picked for 2018. I feel it embodies how aggressive I plan on cultivating, manifesting and creating the life I envision for myself.

Let me know what words you babes are thinking of choosing for yourselves in the comments! If you pick this resolution technique, be sure to leave a comment about how you hope it will align your life! I’m excited about knowing your choices and I’m really excited about a new year with all of you babes!!



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  • At first, I was going to identify OUT when you asked “…Let me know what words you BABES are thinking about…” but then I decided to identify IN.
    After all, in the sense of “Babe in the woods”, I AM a Babe. I hope I am always seeking to learn more and never think I know enough, avoiding competition on an unhealthy level and keeping my priorities simple and functional. That is what a babe does.

    In that spirit, my word for 2018 is Babe in the sense of being unsuspecting and unpretentious.

    “I’m really excited about a new year with all of you babes!!” Me too.

    Happy New Year.

    • I love that you’re identifying IN to this word!! I hope 2018 is magic for you and I love your word choice! To be unsuspecting and unpretentious in this world is a beautiful skill that I wish you success in accomplishing in the year ahead!!


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