Wild Guide: The Key to Confidence

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We see celebs in magazines and tend to naturally assume they’re born confident for various reasons. Maybe because they were born into the right family, have wealth, are charming, have the ‘perfect body’, or are leading these insta-curated fun lives, etc. But the truth is there isn’t some secret little fairy who sprinkles you with magic confidence dust on the day you’re born – you have to earn that feeling. The good news is that it’s totally possible to earn confidence. Bad news? It’s not a quick fix because it’s not something you can buy or wear or filter and grid. The truth is, the key to confidence is built through revelatory acts of self-love. ♥♥♥


There’s a quote I learned awhile ago that goes a lil something like this-  a bird sitting on a branch is never concerned with the branch breaking because it’s confidence is in its own wings- not the branch. Confidence built through material possessions or outside elements (such as a partner, career, popularity) is always at risk for being that branch that breaks because they can be taken away. Real confidence is within, similar to the birds faith in its own ability to fly. So how do you master having confidence in your own wings? You gotta love the hell out of yourself. I’m talking say what’s on your mind, be 100% authentic and un-apologetically you. Stand up for yourself, pamper yourself, take care of yourself. 

I’ve talked about loving yourself before and carving out space to do you. This goes hand in hand, but I’m really talking about treating yourself on the same level as you treat those you love. Boost yourself up by treating yourself right, taking care of your needs and your wants. When we take care of ourselves (instead of low key expecting others to take care of our needs for us) we build the faith that lets us have confidence in ourselves. So own every bit of all your wants, needs and desires and fulfill them- make them happen for yourself and watch as you totally flourish into a confident babe.



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