comfort kills

Wild Guide: Comfort Kills Happiness

Wild Guide Rule #13


comfort kills



It’s my belief that comfort kill happiness. We become really stationary in our comfort zones & something that’s easily confused with happiness takes over. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to be comfortable, but staying comfortable means you’re not really growing. We expand as we grow, and part of expansion requires us breaking out of what we’ve grown used to. It’s bumpy and bruise-y sometimes, but that’s actually really healthy. Staying comfortable means we’re not trying to see things from new perspectives. Happiness is a state of well-being and contentment. Well-being is enjoying vigorous and healthy growth flourishing. So, you see- happiness is found through healthy growth and that means comfort kills happiness.

comfort kills







Comfort Kills

Comfort zones make you think you don’t need to grow or expand. Without expansion and growth, we stay the same. Staying the same kills creativity because it reinforces repetition & habit. Creativity is our personal expression and style based on how we respond to our life. Happiness is built on achieving personal goals and benchmarks. So can you aim for that when you’re stuck inside your comfort zone babe?



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