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Wild Guide: Being Liked Aint Everything!

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being liked



Too often, from the time we’re very young, women are led to believe that being liked and being nice are the highest achievements. I’m here to tell you- they are not. Being liked by yourself and being nice to yourself are the highest achievements. I get very frustrated with the notion that boys will be boys while girls are sugar and spice and everything nice. Girls, women, gender fluid, non-binary and gender non-conforming people should have the freedom, room and space to be any way we want. 

being liked

I’ve spent most of my life placing a lot of pressure on myself to be liked at the sake of liking myself. I had a legit fear of making sure I was always pleasing, overly accommodating because heaven forbid anyone should be angry with me for not being enough. I’ve made so many mistakes because of this attitude and it’s had very drastic real world repercussions that ended up making me doubt and be mad at myself. There’s nothing more dangerous than the notion that putting others first and only are your life’s goals. Please believe me when I say your life goals should consist of seeking out what makes you happy and bravely finding comfort in it. Pursue your happiness!

There are enough situations in this world that will try to make you feel as if it’s your purpose to be liked. Where as it’s important to be a good, kind and honest person, it’s also important to hold your ground and stand up for your truth- no matter who it might piss off. Branching off of how to say no, an important follow up is being ok with the results. And sometimes those results are fine (most of the time) and sometimes those results are that someone gets mad, or doesn’t like you for it. You will live, trust me!! 



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  • I agree whole-heartedly: “To Thine Own Self Be True” are words to live by. I think the interesting thing in life is finding the sweet spot of that sage philosphy of self-love and the very human civilized quality of loving others and being of service to others.

    For then as surely as night follows the day, thou cannot be false to anyone.

    Thank you!


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