Wild Guide: The Rebellious Act of Standing Tall

Tenet II

Standing tall shows the world you’re confident with who you are


Confidence begets more confidence. A lot of people think that celebrities have this magical powerful influence ability and that for some reason certain people just happen to be more special than others. Rarely is this the case, though. Usually the people who stand out to us have common traits and characteristics, one of them being standing up tall. It’s a simple act, but a rebellious one! Most people tend to slouch, with their shoulders angled down ($20 you’re doing it rn too!). From a non-verbal standpoint, this shows the world that we’re very unsure of ourselves. It shows we’re not confident.

Most people don’t even know their posture isn’t on point. There are even apps out there designed to help you to remeber to stand up straight, becuase that’s how important posture is. Not only is it vital to living a healthy life so blood circulates properly throughout the body and our spine is in its best position, but it’s also a major key alert for sending out non-verbal cues that we are confident in ourselves. It can even signal to others that we are alpha. Flashback to every movie where four girls slo-mo down a hallway or sidewalk. They’re always standing straight and all the jealous on-lookers are always slouching off to the side, quick to clear the way for such obvious beauty and/or power.

Tenet Tuesday: Standing Tall

When we stand with our shoulders straight we poise ourselves as confident, powerful and attractive. Who doesn’t want that kind of positive attention? Almost everyone does, but that’s why my second tenet is such a rebellius act. Even though most people would obviously love to exude that kind of prowess, it’s difficult to do. The crux of this rebellious act asks that you first start to believe that you have something worth being confident over. Then it asks that if you don’t fully believe it, you take a leap of faith and ‘fake it till you make it’ so that you can gain more confidence, making it easier. Hence, confidence begets more confidence.



Practicing the Tenet

Rebel. Be confident. Stand up straight. Show the world you’re a goddess and you know it. I don’t think there’s anything sexier and more fun than being a person who is confident with who they are. And considering vibe attracts tribe, don’t you wanna rock this life with some confident people too?

Take a deep breath in the morning (or meditate!) and pull your shoulders up and back. Get used to the feeling of your shoulders being straight. Practice in the mirror, set reminders on your phone or download one of the apps I linked above. If you get frustrated remember that it takes courage because you’re challenging your confidence fears, and not everyone has the patience for it, but thats why its rebellious! If it were easy- everyone would be doing it.

Stand up straight and let the world see your confidence!

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  • I loved this!!! I am doing a pineapple imitation right away:). Seriously, that was a profound article and so true!!!!!

    • Thank you so much!! Cheers to the pineapple life!!


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