Wild Guide: Shedding The Old

Tenet I

To allow for new life, it is important to shed the old


This past weekend, I did a massive clean in my apartment. The kind you put off forever becuase you know it’ll be a pill, but somehow are so thankful you followed through with when you’re done. I went through my closet, my receipts that I won’t need, shoes, jewelry, everything! Girl, I purged. I don’t do this often as I should (though I’m about to start), but an important lesson came to me this go round so I figure I’d share it as a tenet, or a principle or belief. It’s so refreshing to the mind, body and soul to get rid of things that you no longer need, no longer serve you, or you no longer love. It allows for newness to enter your life.

I stood over a gigantic black trash bag and threw designer dresses that I hadn’t worn in years, pants that didn’t fit that I’d dangled in front of my face as a motivational carrot, and shirts that didn’t have that wow factor anymore. I did this because I was no longer even wearing half my closet, my room had gotten junky, and I kept complaining that I had ‘nothing to wear’ because I was so bored with what I had. I didn’t stop there either- three glasses of wine in and I had talked myself into ‘going bold‘ which meant that I had moved on from just my closet and my room to my phone book and dating profiles. I became the eliminator. Havent talked in years but would let the call go to vm? Purged. Old boyfriends, flames, or guys I told myself ‘maybe?’ Purged. Frenemies I didn’t want to talk to or be caught off guard if they called? Purged. Guys that had given mixed messages or didnt fully excite me on my dating apps? Purged. I suddenly had this urgency to shed everything that wasn’t working for me or didn’t make me really excited. I shed the old so I could clear room for the new + exciting.

I decided after I had done all of that to take it one step further (hey, I was on a wine roll!) and shed attitudes and feelings that also no longer served me. Materialistic attitudes that valued myself by what I owned; self-defeating attitudes that constantly allowed me to over-analyze and doubt myself, even when things were going my way; any attitude that didn’t honour the warrior-goddess that I am was out the door for good.

After half a days worth of cleaning, I felt like a new person. I didn’t miss any of the things I had gotten rid of- it felt great to donate them and make other people happy. I certainly didn’t miss any of the people in my phone book or dating matches that had slidden into the ‘meh’ category. And I absolutely did not miss any of the attitudes that prevented me from believing I could shine. I really began to embrace the art of shedding to make room for the new. And wouldn’t you know, new things started showing up on the very day I shed the old? New great and exciting things!

Practicing the Tenet

I recommend setting aside some time here and there to shed and purge and make sure the things, people and attitudes you’re keeping around really work for you and make you happy! If you’re needing help with a jump start on how to purge or shed the old, I recommend checking out some really cute and fun Feng Shui books, which is the Chinese philosophical system that centers around the art of harmonizing your home and life. Just take the leap in one area and you’ll get the ball rolling in the other areas!

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  • I totally agree. Getting rid of what no longer feeds you is crucial to being in control of your life!! I liked what you wrote!!!

    • Thank you so much, I appreciate that!!

  • Congratulations! Hoarding is the opposite of purging, and I never heard healthy recommendations to hoard. I put “healthy” in there, because I have heard hoarding recommended, but always in the context of “buy gold” or “a penny saved” – only the ultimate materialist attitude of gorge and feast now for lean times ahead. Really? If I eat inordinately, first of all, it’s unhealthy right off the bat. But later on, won’t my body be even more famished for the inordinately “rich” diet I’ve frenzied in?

    The emotional and spiritual constipation is a form of hoarding as well, and a good cleansing purge is cleansing.

    I’ve been working at Goodwill for the last month as a donation attendant. It’s humbling, feels like service work, and a great work out. I was holding my breath cause it sounded like you were throwing those clothes away, but when you got to the point of saying “donation” in the third or fourth paragraph, i was like “that’s my girl!” – excuse me, “that’s my beautiful young woman!”


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