Wild Guide: How To Make New Years Resolutions That Last

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How To Make New Years Resolutions That Last

New Years Resolutions



New Years Resolutions… we love em, we hate em, 92% of us will end quitting them within the first two months of the year. What makes New Years resolutions so hard to keep? Well, that’s an age-old question. NY Magazine claims it’s sleep deprivation, while many sources say it’s unrealistic goal setting or creating too many resolutions in the first place.

New Years Resolutions


I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m going to share my method of creating and keeping resolutions throughout the year (and beyond). I’ve done heavy hitter resolutions such as giving up smoking (01/01/17 marks one year!) and I’ve done really simple resolutions such as making myself speak up if I don’t understand something.


Resolution Setting

There are three tricks to my method which help me keep my resolutions for life, not just the year.

Create habits, not tasks

The difference between a habit and a task is crucial. Habits are life changing behaviour, while tasks are something that you get done. The mindset of how you achieve both is the main difference, since habits are about changing your life through continuous behaviour adjustment, and tasks are something you’re burdened with.

Pick 3, Lose 3

I love picking three habits I want to take on and three habits I want to give up to have the life I want, wild ride, bliss and all. By picking three habits each, it takes the focus off of having one BIG resolution with is so stressful because of all the pressure. They can be big or small, or a combo! Just pick three things you really want to bring on and 3 things you want out of your life for good.

Give yourself a jump start

Next, it’s all about that jump start. Starting on the first of the new year is setting yourself up to fail because we feel like we have to already master our resolution the day we begin it. Way too much pressure. Instead, I try starting my resolutions on December 1st so I have a practice month where I can try and fail a bit first. By getting in a couple of practice rounds for 4 weeks, I’m golden by the time the new year starts because I’ve had time to adjust.

My Resolutions

New Years Resolutions


Listen to podcasts that feed my mind / Pass judgement


Workout 4x week/ Unhealthy eating


More charity work / Toxic people

Let me know which resolutions you guys are going for and let me know if you use my method and what the results are!!


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