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morning routine


Your day is pretty much
formed by how you spend your first hour.
Check your thought,
Attitude and heart.

Developing a morning routine has literally changed my life. I went from being anxious and permission-seeking to calm, centered, grounded + knowing. It’s important to know that everyone’s routine is going to look very different because it comes down to personal preference + style. The three main elements of my morning routine focus on creating space for mental clarity, visualizing my dreams into reality + mindfulness through gratitude.

morning routine


To create space for mental clarity, I meditate. This is the most important aspect of my morning (and night) routine, as it helps my mind feel peaceful; my heart, full; my body, relaxed. One of the things I hear over and over about meditating from my friends is that it’s boring or it’s too hard to focus. Trust me, I get it. Everything in our world is programmed for instant satisfaction + over-stimulation, so to get on board with meditation can feel insanely alien. I still say try it! Hands down, meditating has been the practice that has most changed my life for the best. This is the ultimate mental health routine. Part of being a stylish girl who breaks rules is being centered enough to feel confident breaking them + grounded enough to do it stylishly.

Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein helped me get back into meditation with ease. Not only is it an amazing book I recommend to everyone, but she gives guided meditations that can help anyone at any level start  their meditation practice. The main thing I stress is to try to mediate for just five minutes at a time in the beginning. Before you know it, thirty minutes will feel like thirty seconds, I promise! Headspace is also a really wonderful app that can guide you in your meditation practice + they have a ten day free guided meditation package for beginners.


Visualization is my like best friend. It’s the tool I practice + use the most + is the second part of my routine. Whether you visualize by making a vision board, or use the 68 seconds technique, or simply daydream – visualizing creates a focused spotlight on your dreams or everyday goals! I personally have a vision board that is on the wall across from my bed so it’s the first thing I see in the morning + the last thing I see before closing my eyes at night. I even have a picture of it on my phone for when I’m traveling! After meditating for ten minutes each morning, I use the 68 seconds technique to mentally visualize every part of my vision board as if it already exits in my life.

Practicing gratitude is one of the fundamental steps in my morning routine because what makes me think having more abundance in my life would make me happier if I can’t already appreciate what I currently have? Mindfulness is exactly what it sounds like- being present, being mindful + being grateful. After I meditate + practice my 68 seconds technique integrating my vision board, I simply make a mental list of all the people, things and here’s and there’s that I’m thankful + grateful for. I let myself count miracles in the extraordinary + ordinary. It’s totally contagious! Once you start experiencing gratitude for everyday things, for instance, like the person who ushers you ahead of them in a line, or being complimented at work, or any little thing that makes you feel happy for one second, you’ll be surprised how much happier your life gets. You won’t just count the negative, you’ll see + attract more of the positive.

All of this is not to say that you’re life is gonna turn into instant sunshine + glitter because life is made up of experiencing the full spectrum of emotions. However, my developing a morning routine such as the one I outlined above has really changed my life into a much happier, much more peaceful + much more fulfilled life, which is major.

Give it a try + let me know in the comments if you’ve created a morning routine + what differences you’ve noticed in your life!!



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