I Love You

The Importance of I Love You

If I were to ask you to write a list of everything you love until you ran out of things to jot down, what would be in your top 5? 10? 25? Out of a list of 100 things you love, what would be the most important on the list?

Out of all the things listed, did you list yourself? Most of us know how important it is to love ourselves in theory, but yet we still struggle with doing so. The truth is, how can you love someone or anything else if you don’t love yourself first? It’s not egotistical to write “myself” in spot #1 on that list. It’s actually incredibly healthy because how we treat and love ourselves sets the precedent for how we allow the world to. If we show the world and those around us that we love ourselves unconditionally and have a healthy relationship with putting ourselves and our needs first, the world responds with understanding.

How we treat and love ourselves sets the precedent for how we allow the world to…

I am not talking about being selfish – the world has enough of people like that. I am instead talking about what I call the Airplane Principle of Self: when you fly in an airplane they instruct you that in the unfortunate event of a crash, one MUST put on their oxygen mask first before assisting anyone else – including your children, loved ones or friends. How can you help anyone else if you’re not in a secure place first? You can’t because you will actually  be of little to no use. This same principle applies to life and love as well. How can you love anyone or take care of anyone without first making sure you are in a secure place? The truth is, you can’t.

I have included a wonderful spoken poetry video by Ashley Wylde of an exercise to emphasize this entire issue, that’s called “Meet Yourself in the Mirror”. Take a look:

Meet Yourself in the Mirror (I Love You)

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