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Hygge: The Nordic lifestyle to improve your happiness




As I celebrate my birthday today, I’m reminded of what happiness means to me at this age. I view happiness as a prism because what makes us happy changes through the years. Hygge is a Nordic word that translates to the cozy + content feeling you have when spending time with good people while doing things you enjoy.

33rd Birthday


Today is my birthday (33!! How’d this happen so fast?!!) and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve never feared growing older because it’s a privilege not everyone gets. I don’t care about laugh lines, or grey hairs, or the visible signs that I’ve been on this Earth for a few years. I’m really happy to be here. This happiness shines through in all that I do. This is the essence of the Nordic lifestyle of hygge- enjoying your life, being at peace with it + making room for it. Basking in the enjoyment of it all + appreciating it.

By 33, I thought my life would be very different. I spent a lot of my younger years in comparison mode, which robbed me of a lot of happiness. It also made me super stressed out because I was filled with s much self-doubt. I thought I’d definitely be married with kids + at the top of my career, which is so funny to me now because I see how truly young I am. There’s so much more time on the other side of 30!

June Johnson Birthday Celebration


I recommend reading, ‘How To Hygge: The Secrets of Nordic Living, by Signe Johansen for wonderful ways + tips on how to really enjoy your life + appreciate the cozy + content moments of joy spent with good company! Each year I make resolutions for my birthday instead of New Years. In my 33rd year I am resolved to make myself happy, be of service, be bold! and enjoy the happiness that spending time with loved ones brings.

I hope you all are happy + finding ways to enjoy this beautiful life. And if you’re feeling doubt, I hope you have the courage to find what makes you happy + embrace it!!



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