Adele – I Miss You


Music Du Jour: Adele

I’m convinced whomever your mind wanders to while listening to Adele is the one your soul truly still loves. I think that’s why her music hits such a nerve- its so raw and aching, like the feeling you have when your strewn across your bed, crying over the person you love who no longer loves you. Her music is like a diary for the broken-hearted… a place where all the throbbing aches from unrequited love go to collect + linger until we’ve convinced ourselves we’ve moved on.

“I miss you” off of Adele’s newest release, 25, is everyyyyyything right now. I’ve bought it and had it on non-stop repeat. Of course, my mind wanders to someone that I used to know, but more than anything it’s just an emotionally powerful song with a matching tempo (those drums!). It’s the kind of song you take a late night drive on Mulholland, blaring and screaming the words to, until your voice is gone. And the ghost of the one your mind wanders to disappears…

Listen here.

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