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Copenhagen, København, Copenhagen

Scandi-Land Adventures in Copenhagen


I had always dreamed of visiting Copenhagen, Denmark since I was much younger. There was always this unspoken familiarity that called to me and made me want to travel and I believe if a place calls to you, you must visit. Maybe it was my ancestors way of enticing me to do some much needed solo travel, but either way, Denmark left a mark on me.

My trip came together in what can only be described at divine timing mixed with awesome manifesting powers. Everything seemed to just work out as and when I needed it to, in order for me to be able to visit Croatia and sandwich København around that trip. I was lucky enough to spend 3 days prior and one day after my Croatia trip in this amazing little seaside city.

Compared to my scorching LA summer, Denmark was a welcomed crisp break from unbearable heat without being too cold. Once I landed, I got squared away with my hotel, which was right next to Tivoli Gardens and in the perfect location. It had been years since I had taken any sort of real vacation, so I was happy with my decision to travel solo and check out this city on my own.

Personal Awakening

I set an intention before I left on my trip to get in touch with my inner voice (my gut) and awaken it so that I could hear it more strongly. I’ve been meditating, manifesting and getting in touch with my spiritual side and this seemed like a perfect opportunity, without the distraction of other people, or a travel itinerary. I made a promise to myself that I would listen to my gut the whole trip, speak my truth, and most important- to have a helluva lot of fun.

Listening to your gut can be pretty interesting after not doing it for so long. It’s like a muscle and the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. So, needless to say, mine had gotten pretty weak and I needed some toning + exercise! At first it kind of felt challenging because I wasn’t sure if it was ego or my gut, but by the time I landed, I was making a little head way with clarifying between the two. The whole time there, I literally just followed my gut and since I didn’t have an agenda or a list of “must-sees” I was able to just walk around freely and take in all the city had to offer. If my gut said go right, I went right… turn left, I turned left and so on during my entire stay. Following my gut ended up with me taking on a day trip to Tivoli Gardens, one of EU’s oldest amusement parks, which was awesome, because as a single lady, I hardly had to wait in any lines as I was called to the front on almost every ride to fill in an odd seat. I also just walked as much of the city as I could and visited an old fort, got to see the world’s most photographed women – The Little Mermaid and spent some time in a precious coffee and Danish shop that I had randomly pinned on my Pinterest board prior to my trip, but had never checked out the address or location to try and schedule visiting during my trip. To say I had a magical time would be an understatement.

Havin Some Fun

I let go and had fun like I never had before on my trip, which is why I think it was so memorable. I promised myself that I would go out to a bar myself one night and strike up conversations with whomever struck my fancy instead of letting “fear take the wheel” and staying in my hotel every night because I didn’t know anyone. I bought a bottle of wine, got some liquid courage, put on a cute outfit and set out on a night that ended up with me making friends with a cute tatted bartender and whisking off with him and some of his friends to one of DK’s coolest bars with amazing drinks and excellent music. I totally trusted my gut and went with it, knowing that I’d be safe and sound the whole time, which I was. The night ended with me being taken on an impromptu walking tour of parts of the city with said cute bartender and being walked back to my hotel at 4 in the morning so I could wake up and get ready for my flight to Croatia later that day.

A Cute Surprise

After a fun-filled week in Croatia with my friends and an extended extra day, I flew back into Copenhagen not sure if I should try to AirBnB it, or find an inexpensive hotel nearby. Queue cute bartender to the rescue! He met me at his metro stop, I dropped my bags of at his place and then he took me on another walking tour. This time, to Frederiksberg Park at night. Again, I fully trusted my gut as this could have very easily not been a safe situation, but my inner voice said go with it and I did. We walked around the park and talked and laughed and entertained each other with stories about our lives and friends and what we like to do for fun, etc. He told me he had a surprise for me and wanted to show me something, and seeing how I do love a good surprise, I followed suit. At first, I couldn’t make out what was before my eyes, but after a few seconds of adjusting to the dark I heard a strange noise that could only be described as animalistic. To my great surprise, it was, as standing in front of me where two elephants from the neighboring zoo! I literally squealed when I could finally make them out and saw them because I love elephants and what they represent.

Thank You

I left Copenhagen changed for the better. I sought an adventure and got exactly hat I asked for, so returning to LA felt like a self-gratifying accomplishment for which I am ever thankful. My angels, ancestors, and the Universe helped make a remarkable trip one for the books by guiding me and giving me the courage to trust myself and actually live it UP.

I definitely will be taking more solo trips, as they allow me to reconnect with myself in the most honest and miraculous of ways that feel exciting and promising.

Thx forever, København.

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