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Stella McCartney Ready To Wear 2017


As you may or may not know, I have a fashion crush on the never-ending freshness that is the Stella McCartney collection. Her sense of style and whimsy mixed with fresh takes is what I live for in a designer. Season after season, her collections do not dissapoint. During her Fall 2017 Ready to Wear preview, tailored but sligtly oversized was a leading trend, along with tulle, plaid and trousers that gave a fun, but I’m here to powerhouse through lunch kind of realness. I was loving this 80s come 2017 fantasy she was taking me on and was all caught up in my powerhouse fashion fantasy feels of taking over the world one blog hashtag at a time, when… the retro cone bra made an appearance.

Fasting or Feasting?


If you’re not familiar, bless you. But I lived through Madonna’s reign of it and a late break into the Mad Men series last year, which offically wore me out on a look I never liked. Sincerely fasting on this one guys. Stella can practically do no wrong in her shows as I love the refreshingly energetic chances she takes with fashion. This look, however, is a miss from me in her otherwise feasty-worthy show of ‘sexy athleticism‘ as Vogue put it. Even Mad Men had my face crumpled whenever Betty Draper or any of the characters wore the cone bra look. I’m not saying I didn’t pretend to be Madanna when I was little by throwing on my moms bra and dancing around the living room, jumping off of furniture and screaching, ‘Like a Virgin’ (and I was damn good, if I might add), however, the look was never one that I wanted to traipse around in outside of my house. Especially not now as a fashionable adult.

So I’m all in for the rest of the Stella McCartney Ready to Wear Fall 2017 Collection… like literally here. for. it. But this cone bra look has me fasting like an angel before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


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  • As someone who lived back when they were “in”—–They are not a good look. I won’t wear them!!! Great Blog!! Wonderful post!!!!


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