Is NYFW over

Freshly Fed: Is NYFW Retired?

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Is NYFW over

To New York Fashion Week, or not to NYFW? That is the question! So everyone who knows fashion knows that NYFW was the zenith of fashion show realness. Was? Yes, was because it’s now up for debate whether New York fashion week is retired. Like all transformations, there’s now an open playground of how to preview your collection to a captive audience. You can go the KimYe route of parading around Calabasas, which I think was genius the first time around. There’s the Alexander Wang route where you nix NYFW altogether in lieu of a summer preview that’s buyer-focused. Or you can do what Paul Smith did and omit NYFW and instead preview both men’s and women’s collections in Paris Fashion Week.

Feasting or Fasting?


Friends, I think we might be feasting. I love shaking things up and creating waves! Who says it’s all about NYFW? Go to PFW, make a scene in Milan. Do your thing in London, designers. NYFW has gotten tired of itself. Whereas I love going to the shows in the city, we’ve been ODing on the same scene. I’m ready for something brand new and exciting. Aren’t you? I’m here for avant garde presentations a la Calabasas (you still can’t get me to drive there). Or Dior Resort shows in the desert (by way of Santa Monica Mountain Preserve). Whether it’s collections only showing in Paris, or previewing through the gram, I’m gorging on it.


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