Freshly Fed: Are We Saying Goodbye to Cleavage?

Is cleavage dunzo? Recently Vogue UK, in an article in their December issue titled, ‘Desperately Seeking Cleavage’, announced that baring it all is a style of the past. Sparking immediate internet debate, some critics argued that cleavage is and would always be here to stay, while others agreed that new trends were taking over. Vogue cited a slump in sales for the Wonderbra, the highlight of the side-boob bra by ASOS, and recent more traditional + modest neckline appearances on the carpet as receipts for their trendcast. Red carpet crushes such as Lupita Nyong’o, Alicia Vikander, Jennifer Lawrence, etc. are fashionable women who have embraced the new trend.

Are we feasting or fasting?

Ta-Ta for Now!

Where as I personally don’t think cleavage is really going anywhere, per se, I am happy to see new trends that don’t solely focus on it as a form of style to catch eyes. Cleavage over-saturation on the carpet has made what once seemed like a daring and exciting style, appear as somewhat of a lazy tactic. I don’t believe anyone needs to convert to a modest style if they love showing off their body and vice versa, as I love to show off here and there myself, but what’s the harm in a little change? I’m just a girl who loves options, and having a style spotlight on the side-boob, shoulders, midriff or legs is a way to revamp some go-to red carpet looks that have for too long now, relied on showing as much cleavage as possible in order to grab headlines. So where as I won’t be throwing away any threads that bare a little boob, I’m happy to re-route the focus on other parts of my body for the time being!



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