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What is Saturn Return?
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Wild Bruja: What is Saturn Return?

What is Saturn Return? Chances are if you’re not into astrology, you’ve probably never even heard of this term. In laymen’s terms, it’s when the planet Saturn orbits through your natal Saturn. It takes about (give/take) 27-29 years for it to return to its original placement. It doubles back around another 29ish years later as [...]

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Wild Bruja: Magic Myths

What is MAGIC? Most people I talk to have no clue what magic (and beyond) really is. They have some vague idea, usually misinformed through a mashup of movie scenes and based heavily on Colonized stereotypes. Magic myths have persisted because Hollywood & capitalism have done an unfortunate & damaging job of misrepresenting magic and [...]

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Wild Bruja: Birth Charts

Knowing who you are is everything. Accepting who you are is power. Working on who you are (esp. the bits we don't like) is service. One of my fav things is astrology. I've recently taken a deep dive & started learning about houses, nodes, mid-heavens, etc. I do this to know myself, my strengths, weaknesses, [...]