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Coachella Vibes

Styled in 3: Coachella Vibes

It's that time of year again where throngs of scantily clad fashionites dance around in the desert to luscious tunes and take enough instagram photos to last a lifetime. I'm talking about Coachella, festy season has arrived and I could not be happier. For those not in the know, Coachella is one of the most [...]


Freshly Fed: Stella McCartney Ready to Wear Bra

Ready to Wear Fashion News #ConeBraOrNah Stella McCartney Ready To Wear 2017   As you may or may not know, I have a fashion crush on the never-ending freshness that is the Stella McCartney collection. Her sense of style and whimsy mixed with fresh takes is what I live for in a designer. Season after [...]


Freshly Fed: NYFW with Paul Smith

NYFW Fashion News #CoreCouture Last week, I produced a private, members-only NYFW runway presentation for Paul Smith in NYC. Props to me + my company Supernova Société, it was the only fashion show that Paul Smith was apart of for New York Fashion Week! Hosted at the beautiful Core Club, the Core: Couture show embodied [...]

2017 Trendcast

Freshly Fed: 2017 Trendcast Report

Well, 2016 is coming to a close, but not before I preview what the hottest fashion trends will be in my 2017 trendcast report. From the re-emergence of colour (bye bye all black wardrobe!), to flowing volume, the fashion game will be strong next year, so you better get ready to bring it! Patches (on [...]

Holiday Dress

Styled in 3: Shimmery Holiday Dress

What better way to spread holiday cheer and ring in the new year than a sexy, shimmery holiday dress? Since gold is one of my favourite colours (and in my preferred colour palette), I've picked out a beautiful champagne gold slip dress by Paper Crane that I'll pair three different ways for some New Years Eve [...]

Personal Style

Styled in 3: Define Your Personal Style in 5 Steps

What Is Personal Style? Before I can guide you on how to find your personal style, you gotta have a clear cut idea on what personal style actually is. Personal style is a hard thing to describe, but it's based on the fabric, colour, style/trend, mood, likes (and dislikes), lifestyle and budget that shape your wardrobe, [...]


Freshly Fed: Are We Saying Goodbye to Cleavage?

Is cleavage dunzo? Recently Vogue UK, in an article in their December issue titled, 'Desperately Seeking Cleavage', announced that baring it all is a style of the past. Sparking immediate internet debate, some critics argued that cleavage is and would always be here to stay, while others agreed that new trends were taking over. Vogue cited a slump in [...]