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Beauty Holiday Sales

Holiday Makeup Gift Guide

A Definitive Guide to the Best Holiday Makeup I don't know how it happened, but the holidays are right around the corner! Seriously, where did 2018 go? This season, I'm gonna help you navigate through the best holiday makeup sales! From the best holiday makeup for winter looks, to this season's hottest items that are [...]

Alem Integrated Health

Inner Beauty: Alem Integrated Health

As some of you may know, I recently moved to the beautiful peninsula of San Francisco, all the way from the far distant land of Los Angeles. Ok... so it really wasn't that far of a crazy move. Although uprooting your life and moving to a new city is still a pretty big deal! I [...]


Wild Beauty: JJ Young K-Beauty Review

Recently, Korea's leading pore care beauty brand, JJ Young, sent me a cute roundup of products to try out. Among the bunch, they sent me a 3-in-1 Pore Perfecting Multi Cream, a Green Tea Mud Sheet Mask, and a Steam & Cool Pore Mask to get my k-beauty glow on. I first tried the Steam & Cool mask, [...]

June Johnson Gua Shu Facials

Wild Beauty: Gua Shu Facials

Gua Shu Facials Jade rollers... so everything right? Well, let me introduce you to Jade Rollers' cooler, older cousin - Gua Shu facials. Gua Shu, pronounced Gwa Sha is an ancient Chinese skin scrapping technique, designed to help prevent breakouts, end dryness, and reduce aging by way of healthy blood circulation. Before you run to google [...]

The NOW Massage

#INNERBeauty: The NOW Massage

A week ago I stopped by The NOW Massage, a very minimalist, but gorgeous boutique massage spa located in the Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles, as well as Silver lake, Studio City and Santa Monica. The NOW Massage is reconceptualizing how clients experience massage. They have designed a space that offers their guests an oasis [...]

Skin Routine

#WildBeauty: My Ultimate Skin Routine

So on average people think I'm at about 15 years younger than I am, thanks to my skin routine game being on lock. Also MAJOR blessings to good genes and drinking LOTS of water. But that's only part of what keeps me looking baby fresh these days. Recently, I took a complimentary Sephora class called [...]