Wild Beauty: JJ Young K-Beauty Review

Recently, Korea’s leading pore care beauty brand, JJ Young, sent me a cute roundup of products to try out. Among the bunch, they sent me a 3-in-1 Pore Perfecting Multi Cream, a Green Tea Mud Sheet Mask, and a Steam & Cool Pore Mask to get my k-beauty glow on. I first tried the Steam & Cool mask, which was amazing because I could feel the heat at work on my pores. I followed that up with the cool mask, which felt incredibly soothing after the heat. The Pore Perfecting Multi Cream has been my new go to to use for my Gua Shu facial routine. And lastly, the Green Tea 3D mask might be my new obsession with how smooth and lush my face looked after just one use!

JJ Young by Caolion Lab was built on the principles that it is never tested on animals, avoids harsh chemicals, and sources the purest ingredients form around the world. Created by Eunhee Joo out of frustration with products on the market that were irritating her skin, she decided to create her own line of beauty products that would be gentle on every skin type, but that would focus on pore health. “Acne, dull skin tone and loss of firmness are all caused by sagging impurity-filled pores. These products prevent these issues by eliminating impurities and excess sebum to keep pores clear enough for oxygen to flow freely through them but tight enough so they won’t show.


Perfect Pores Collection

JJ Young
JJ Young
JJ Young

Pore Perfecting Multi Cream

  • Calms reddened and sensitive skin speedily
  • Speedily supplies rich moisturizing effect to maximize the effect of your next product!
  • Wear overnight to increase hydration to dry or irritated skin

Green Tea Mud Mask

  • As mask dries, it fits firmly to face, tightening skin in the process
  • Contains Green Tea Extract and Kaolin which hold exceptional absorption power: absorbing impurities, sebum, keratin and dust and maintains clean skin!
  • Maintains skin moisture throughout the day
  • Controls sebum and eliminates impurities within pores
  • Peel-off type mask that lifts facial contour

Steam & Cool Mask

Step 1: HOT Pore Cleansing

  • Opens pores and removes sebum & blackhead while exfoliating skin


Step 2: COOL Pore Cleansing

  • Absorbs and removes impurities and regulates sebum to enhance pore elasticity!


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  • Such a great read!!! Love that they’re never test on animals, such a plus…the Green Tea Mask is def calling my name!!! ✨

    • The green tea mask is totally beyond!! The Steam/Cool mask also did wonders for my face!

  • junejohnson, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

    • You’re very welcome!! Thank you for stopping by make sure to subscribe to stay up to date on all my latest!!


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