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Olive & June

A few weeks ago I reached out to Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Founder + CEO of Olive & June, a super beautiful, instagram-worthy, nail salon in Beverly Hills, Pasadena and Santa Monica. It subs itself as a new kind of neighborhood nail salon founded on the idea that getting a manicure and pedicure should be downright lovely. They even keep all of your preferences on file to customize your entire experience. I booked an appointment for a June Mani/pedi sesh (I mean, hello… my namesake, of course!) and asked Sarah a bunch of questions about her fav nail styles, dream clients, and nail no-no’s. 

Olive & June

What was the inspiration behind Olive & June?

I felt the need to create a fresh and different nail salon experience than what was out there. Everything was either a little too rundown or a little too high end and I wanted something special in the middle of those two options.

What type of clients do you usually service?

Everyone! Our clients range from 5-95 and are men and women who care and want the best experience.

Olive & June

What is Olive & June’s brand motto?

Olive you! We say it to each other and to our clients, and we hear them say it too. It is our version of I love you and it adds happiness, positivity, and fun to your day — just like Olive & June.

If Olive & June were a song, what would it be?

We’re all about self-expression, so we wouldn’t be one song, we would be your favorite playlist!

Olive & June

Favourite nail art image?

This changes allllll of the time. It’s so hard to pick just one! But right now, I’m loving rainbow manis.

Dream client/dream project?

America’s first female president’s inauguration mani.

What is a nail no-no/pet peeve that you see clients do all the time?

Peeling their own gels off. This ruins nail beds and makes me want to cry for them!

Olive & June

Nail beauty tip you wish everyone knew?

Cuticle oil can make any mani look better. And acrylics will ruin your nail beds for many years to come.

What’s the Olive & June specialty? What are you known for?

We are really known for our manis with nail art, which was so surprising to me in the beginning. I had no idea that nail art would be so popular! But it really goes to show you that when you build a business, you have to listen to clients and what they want just as much as having a clear vision for the business.

What is the is the hottest trend right now? This summer?

Rainbow manis!

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  • That was one of Florie Johnson’s favorite Knock Knock jokes growing up. Who’se there? Olive.
    Olive you!
    What a happy youngster taking joy out of telling folks that she loves them!

    • Olive that!! Hahha, that’s very cute + sweet.


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