#INNERbeauty: Laser Treatment at Glow Med Spa Encino

July 12, 2017
laser hair removal
laser hair removal

A few weeks ago I was contacted on behalf of Glow Med Spa Encino about coming in to receive laser treatment. This was a sign from the beauty gods as I had given up on finding a spa that had laser technology that would work on African American skin. I live in LA but you’d be disheartened at the amount of beauty facilities that won’t carry devices that work on all pigments. After learning about the different laser treatments the spa provided, I finally decided on laser hair removal. As you know, I’m all about (almost) anything that gets me closer to my goal of looking like an off duty super model 24/7.

Be gone hair, you were never loved!

laser hair removal

After booking my appointment I did some recon on what to expect, what not to do, etc. I had never gotten laser before so I wanted to know all the important questions like was it going to be painful? Was my skin going to be discoloured? Was I going to look like Naomi Campbell? How many sessions would it take? By the time I walked into my appointment I felt like a Quora page with all my nagging questions about laser hair removal. After filling out the standard paperwork, I was taken to a beautiful private room where Mastenah, the PA, applied numbing cream while answering everything for me. She relieved my stress about the pain factor and told me I would barely feel anything. After allowing 30 mins for the cream to set in, the amazing Dr. Simon greeted me and took me to the laser room. 

laser hair removal
laser hair removal

What’s important to know here is that not all laser treatments are created equally. As an African American woman, I have found it next to impossible to find the right kind of laser hair removal treatment here in Los Angeles. Glow Med Spa Encino has the Quanta 4v light system, which works on all skin pigments (cue the heavenly sounding music). It is the newest machine with the latest technology and it even has a cooling tip, which helps further reduce pain associated with the laser treatment.  

Dr. Simon walked me through each step before proceeding, making sure I was comfortable and understanding of the process. Now, if you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of witnessing me get a shot, you know what kind of extra level 9000 diva I can be sometimes (sorry doctors). When I tell you this treatment barely hurt at all, you don’t even understand. Not only was it practically painless, but it was also finished before I knew it.

laser hair removal

Dr. Simon is a beauty expert who completely took care of me and made the whole experience so wonderful. The staff at Glow Med Spa is exquisite and I highly recommend getting any and all of your beauty needs taken care of at this facility. They have an extensive range of services they provide their clients, including vampire facial treatments, laser services, injectables, etc. 

*Beauty Insider: Glow Med Spa currently has a July only special of 20% off all laser treatments, so book your appointment asap!

laser hair removal
17200 Ventura Boulevard
Encino, CA 91316



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