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As some of you may know, I recently moved to the beautiful peninsula of San Francisco, all the way from the far distant land of Los Angeles. Ok… so it really wasn’t that far of a crazy move. Although uprooting your life and moving to a new city is still a pretty big deal! I love change and had been ready to move from LA for awhile (more on that later… on my new IGTV series). So many cool things happen when you move to a new city. You get to create a fresh, new start for yourself. You can try out a totally different look/style… maybe even a different personality! It’s a great way to jump start new beginnings, new furniture, and a new future of opportunities. Maybe it’s the military brat in me that’s used to moving a lot. It could also totally be the Libra/Aquarius ASC in me that really just loves change. Of all the many things I do love about moving though, finding my new team of beauty, health, and pampering fam is definitely not one of them.


After a highly stressful move into my new city, my back was having a meltdown of epic proportions. It was spasming and I was in a lot of physical discomfort. Not knowing where to go or who to entrust with making my poor back feel better, I turned to the the overwhelming help of Yelp. After endlessly scrolling, I decided to take a leap of faith. I booked an appointment at this very chic looking spot in The Mission District, called Alem Integrated Health. Upon arriving, I met the amazing Dr. Daniel Agegnehu who sat with me and explained his services. Afterwards, we had a consultation where I walked him through my problem areas (my poor back!), followed by my first adjustment with him. I thought it would be cool to sit down with Dr. Daniel and get insight into his practice as a multifaceted chiropractor. At Alem Integrated Health, chiropractic work is just one of many services that are performed on the daily.

Alem Integrated Health Q&A

Alem Integrated Health

Q. What are the top 3 most important things you wish everyone knew about chiropractic health and wellness?

A: The 3 most important things everyone should know when it comes to chiropractic health & wellness are:

    • A healthy spine is an often-overlooked and essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people suffer from spinal pain at some point and do nothing about it. The reason your spinal health is so important is because it literally impacts your overall health and wellness. Every cell in your body is controlled by your central nervous system, and if your spine is not able to support your central nervous system as it should, then a lot of problems can pop up.
    • Chiropractic care is more than treating back pain. Lots of people believe that they shouldn’t go to the chiropractor unless they have back pain. This is wrong. Chiropractic care can absolutely treat back pain, but it can also treat other types of pain like neck pain, joint pain, and headaches. Along with pain, it can also help boost the immune system, speed up metabolism, ease digestive troubles, and increase flexibility and movement. Chances are, even if one is in good health, good chiropractic care may help improve their overall health and body function.
    • Chiropractic is very safe. There is a misconception out there that chiropractic care is unsafe. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Countless research and of course many personal experiences have found chiropractic care to be both safe and effective.

Q. What are your most popular services?

A: Our most popular services extend beyond chiropractic adjustments and manipulations. Because we are an integrated clinic, other popular services we offer includes massage therapy, light therapy, percussion therapy, exercise therapy, physiotherapy, Nasal therapy and electrical stimulation treatment to mention a few.

Q. What advice do you have for people who are afraid chiropractic services hurt?

A: My advice is not to be afraid of chiropractic service. Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest, drug-free, non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal complaints. The risks associated with chiropractic care are very small. Many patients feel immediate relief following chiropractic treatment, but some may experience mild soreness, stiffness or aching, just as they do after some forms of exercise. What people should be worried is taking NSAIDS and other over the counter meds for pains and aches. According to many researches, these meds are three times more likely to develop serious adverse gastrointestinal problems, such as bleeding and perforation.

Q. How often should one go to a chiropractor?

A: There a numerous scenarios, based on the individual:

    • Your results are entirely dependent patient’s condition and goals. In our clinic, our patients generally seek our care for one of 3 reasons: relief, rehabilitation, or maintenance. As a general rule, if patient’s symptoms are new and not terribly severe, and patient’s only goal is pain relief, many people experience relief and return to their normal state of being in 1-8 visits.
    • If patient’s symptoms have been around for a long time, or they are severe, patient may be looking at 8-16 visits over the course of a couple months.
    • If patient’s goal is not only pain relief, but also rehabilitating underlying dysfunction and getting their body functioning optimally, just like weight loss or strength training, that takes place over time. We will focus on breaking down any bad habits that the body has learned, replacing them with good habits, then teaching them ways to strengthen that process on your own. That process can take 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or several months depending on the severity of the condition and how long it’s been there.
    • Either way, investing in your health provides you with the highest quality of life possible, and that is what we should all be chasing.

Q. What sets your practice apart from other chiropractic clinics?

A: For starters, we provide affordable health care in a 5-start setting:

    • What makes Alem Integrated Health unique:
      • Affordability:
        • Our prices are well below industry standards and often not much more than insurance copays.
      • Experience:
        • Alem Integrated Health is not a typical doctor’s office. We want to wow you. We want to create an experience.
      • Integrative Therapies:
        • Chiropractor, massage therapist, physiotherapist that all communicate about your care plan to get you the best results possible.
      • Custom Tailored Health Care
        • We don’t do cookie-cutter. We listen. We ask questions. We want to hear your goals, & help you get there. Because that’s what healthcare should be.

Q. Are there any services outside of chiropractic services that you offer?

A: Yes, our clinic was developed by a team of specialists hoping to provide state-of-the-art preventative and palliative health service. Our main mission is to provide various specialists under one roof so that our patients have access to varying care options to according to their condition and comfort levels. Because of these reasons, we offer massage therapy, physiotherapy, nasal therapy, and exercise therapy. We will be adding moment therapy, functional medicine, and a nurse in the near future.

Q. What are some additional benefits to chiropractic wellness?

A: One of the best benefits about receiving chiropractic adjustments is that it is completely drug free way to heal the body naturally. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to back pain, headaches, bowel regularity, ear infections, arthritis and joint pain, asthma, sports injury, surgery prevention and many more.

Q. What should someone do before/after their first visit?

A: I usually encourage people to print and fill out the new patient intake form and informed consent form before coming to the office for the first time. Otherwise, to come 15 minutes early to create their file. After their first visit, I advise patients to take it easy and rest as much as they can to help their body heal faster. Most people do feel better right after their adjustment. Patient usually feel more relaxed and flexible afterward.

Q. Any specials/deals offered?

A: We are having Fall Service Special that includes a chiropractic consultation, physical examination, biofeedback test with one chiropractic adjustment at a price of $150 normal value $450.

Alem Integrated Health

Alem Integrated Health
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  • What a beautiful write-up. I’m interested in going there. Thanks fir letting me know!

    • Absolutely! Dr. Daniel is such an amazing healer and his space is beautiful and fully holistic.


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