#InsideBeauty: Angel Cisneros, Eyebrow Guru

Like most kids, especially only children, I ended up doing some pretty crazy things to amuse myself when I was young. Among them (and most infamously according to my mom), was a ‘summer hair cut’ for my cat, a hair makeover for all my Barbie dolls,  giving my poor cat a ‘lipstick makeover’, making wine from ‘Hi-C’ fruit juice, making a ‘roller coaster’ for my cat (my poor freaking cat) and the brilliant idea to shave off my eyebrows. Yes… you read that correctly.

When I was 7  I really wanted to have something to shave- it just seemed so adult and ladylike (if I had only known), so I took it upon myself after finding my moms Daisy shaver to fulfill my wishes. Only, I didn’t really have anything to shave, so in my 7 year old brilliance, I decided the eyebrows were as good a hair source as any. Note- eyebrows never grow back in the same way if you shave them, little did I know. When they say eyebrows make a face- they really aren’t kidding. It’s not that I suddenly looked horrible or anything, I just looked…. weird. Mainly, because I didn’t shave them fully off, but instead I shaved off 3/4 of each eyebrow so evenly that it was hard to tell what I had done to my face. In the words of my mother, I just looked ‘a little off’.

Flash forward about 8 years and waxing your eyebrows super thin was like, a thing. Like… people meant to do it on purpose (damn you, 1998). My poor eyebrows, which had never grown back the same, or evenly (thick in certain parts, thin in others), were now being re-tortured by waxing them to death. Once thick, luscious eyebrows were status quo, I searched near and far for any eyebrow solution that would give me fuller definition. I used creams, ointments and oils all designed to help generate growth, all to no avail. I read every website, I even did yoga positions to help stimulate new growth. Nothing was working and I was at a loss. I finally gave in and bought fancy-schmancy makeup that cost my wallet more than it should have allowed. I learned how to apply the pricey powder and hold it kind of in place by another fancy eyebrow gel, which still looked a little weird because I have that pesky little oily t-strip, which made the powder look a little shiny. All was mostly well until I was on a Bumble date one night and forgot about my powder brows and accidentally ran my hand across my forehead as I was laughing at a joke. I was so petrified I had a huge eyebrow smear that I kept my hand on my forehead trying to play it off and excused myself to the bathroom. Luckily there was only slight smearing, which I was able to quick-fix, but I was over it.

Enter in my Angel. Ok, well he’s not my angel per se, but his name is Angel, and if you ask me he literally is an angel… an eyebrow angel. Angel Cisneros owns the it place for eyebrows and lashes, Sublime Eyes, and has been responsible for many a gorgeous celebrity eyebrow and lash situation. He’s so in-demand, even tv shows choose to be filmed there. Angel worked on my eyebrows to get them in a better place by threading them to clean them up and then adding a special henna to give them the appearance of having natural full definition. I loved it, got compliments, and felt amazing, but I was still looking for something I wouldn’t have to upkeep so frequently. One special day Angel told me he was going to begin offering a new service- permanent makeup. Just the day before I had been reading a Byrdie article about this woman who got permanent eyebrows done in Chinatown in NYC and I was intrigued (obsessed) about finding out more information. Angel walked me through the process, explained everything from how long it would take, to how long it would last, etc. Two sessions later, I was the happy recipient of a permanent makeup treatment by Angel. I could not be more happy and satisfied with the work he did. So satisfied in fact, that sometimes I leave the house without any makeup on my face because my eyebrows are so on point and I know I can get away with it.

Curious that there wasn’t a bigger splash in the beauty scene about permanent makeup, I decided to ask Angel to join me for my first ‘Brunch with June’ and ask him some questions about life, beauty, fav celeb eyebrows, and his permanent eyebrow services.

June: Hi Angel, thanks for being my very first blog guest. How are you today?
Angel: So amazing. Its official I just signed the lease for Sublime Eyes number 2, a new location in Echo Park. You have to come to the grand opening!

June: OMG! Congratulations, of course I will come to the grand opening!! So, I just want to start off by saying thank you again for my eyebrows. I have gotten so many compliments on how they look from people who know I’ve gotten permanent makeup and those that don’t.
Angel: June your feedback means so much to me.  It’s the reason I do what I do.  Positive feedback is being recycled.

June: Of course! So, how did you get into the beauty business?
Angel: I was introduced to the art of threading while in college, majoring in Art/Photography. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was doing makeovers and sculpting brows. I find it to be a work of ART.

June: Why do you think you and your team stand out in the beauty world as eyebrow and lash experts?
Angel: Each one of the techs that are part of my team were hand picked. Extremely talented, with a portfolio of over 10 years of experience. We are not just a team, we’re family. Proud to say they work with me!

June: Who do you think has the best eyebrow game in Hollywood? Who would you like to work on?
Angel: My perspective is through art. There are many I would be honored to work with from Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Lopez…  the list goes on. It’s the way they wear and own their style. I identify with that.

June: What advice do you have for anyone trying to get thicker, fuller eyebrows and lashes?
Angel: Stick with threading if you want your hair to grow back. Waxing is the same, but there have been cases where the skin color changes. Plucking the brows will make the hair grow back weak or not at all.

June: Are a lot of people starting to come in for permanent makeup? Why do you think that is?
Angel: The Internet It’s filled with testimonials and before and after photos, allowing people to research details that in the past prevented them from even a consultation. Not many people know about their options, also people had a fear of the word permanent. The style of tattooing is everything.  My technique stems from being an artist; I draw small strains matching the hair on the brows. Leaving clients with soft and natural results that are undetectable.  Whether it is a full brow or just fill in spots.  My clients are due to so many of my referrals because they get so many compliments.  Reapplying makeup, or realizing you only have one brow drawn in makes tattooing the solution. This is how one of my clients put it, she said instead of buying a $30 tube of eyeliner every couple of months, you have your eyes permanently done.

June: What should people know about permanent makeup before they get it done?
Angel: Your first step will be to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and the procedure which you are interested in. Most important, to be sure your are not allergic to the ink, we will do a patch test. The permanent makeup does fade with time, especially if a person is out in the sun a lot. People often return in 3 to 5 years for touchups and some people return annually. It fades over time

June: Is there anything that should be avoided once you get permanent makeup?
Angel: Avoid being in the sun, it will fade your tattoo faster.

June: What’s the biggest complaint you hear from clients about their eyebrows/lashes?
Angel:  That it saves them time, because doing your brows is very time consuming. Most of my clientele are established professionals, so time is precious. Then there are woman that have a hard time applying liner, so this solution gives the best results.

June: What do you wish you’d see more people doing with their eyebrows/lashes maintenance-wise?
Angel: More threading, less plucking of the brows. Be sure to use a serum to protect and fortify your lashes. Maintenance is everything.

June: Any beauty trends that you obsess over right now?
Angel: I’m obsessing over the different shapes of brows- making them dark and sharp.  Also lash extensions. These things can change your entire look.

June: Best beauty trick and why?
Angel: Using a pencil for the brows for a sharper look, using a powder to create thicker brows.  The combination is amazing!

June: Your favourite piece of advise or words of wisdom to part on?
Angel: In the words of the famous Coco Channel, “ Less Is More”.   Words to live by.

Thank you guys so much for joining me on my very first #InsideBeauty! Feel free to type in the comments below some brunch guests you’d love for me to interview and be sure to check out my YouTube channel for some great behind the scenes, including the recipe I used!

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