So you wanna add some wild to your life?

Hello all you wild warriors (and those that are about to be). This site is dedicated to you + everyone who wants to learn stylish ways to break the rules + make a wild adventure of their life. I’ll help you find your own wild style + show you why well-behaved babes rarely make history. A babe to me is any being who embraces the free spirited lifestyle of honoring your spirit, trusting your soul and living a wild adventure-filled life.

I know what it’s like to feel like a wild soul trapped in a shy body, so I’m here to help you break free and express yourself! I want to share with you the best fashion advice, travel tips, beauty secrets, and everyday magic that every wild warrior needs to know!

Check out my Fashion segments Freshly Fed, Trend Alert + Closet Talk for the absolute latest fashion trends, runway news, style tips, and Youtube interviews with your fav fashion disrupters.

Stop by my Jetset June posts for insider tips on where to travel, how to travel in style, and my personal recommendations on where to stay, play, eat and shop.

My Beauty collection delivers my YT Makeup Tutorials, and an #INNERBeauty section, which spotlights local beauty studios that help you achieve inside/outside beauty! My Save, Spend, Splurge beauty hauls help you find the best beauty products for every budget so you can look your sexiest no matter what your price range is!

Tired of the ordinary? Check out my Wild Bruja posts where I show you how to add some magic to your life with my personalized, handmade potions and witch advice on how to make your life bewitchingly powerful + fun! Lastly, even wild souls need a place to turn to when the going gets tough. Take refuge with my Wild Guide column where I give straightforward, but loving advice on how to make the most of this life – no regrets!

June Johnson Rome Italy

Last but not least… be sure to check out my Gift Shop for unique, single-edition, hand-made gifts that are perfect for any wild babe.

Thanks for stopping by! This is my stylish guide for wild babes. I hope you enjoy!


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