solar eclipse magic

Weekend Wellness: Solar Eclipse Magic

solar eclipse magic

What’s going on? There’s been so much horrible news lately, it felt a little hollow to write about 5 things to wear in Positano or Finding Your Perfect Shade of Red. So I’m writing this post on solar eclipse magic, wellness, self-care and how to deal with this mega retrograde featuring a holy cow, what is going on solar eclipse on the 21st.

So, if you’re not as versed in astrology and metaphysics as everyone in LA pretends to be, let’s catch you up a bit. I grew up super hippie. I was raised pagan by a Spiritual Artist mother who does energy work and Intuitive Readings, which was regarded as super not cool while growing up in the South. But alas, my kindred sister from another mister Stassi ‘I’m not here for your BS’ Schroeder (love her) says she’s a witch bitch, and whaalah, everyone is running to House of Intuition (my fav) and talking about candle magic and energy cleanses. I’m here for it!! Take that rando jerk who told me my mom worked for the devil in high school. Intuition is in byotch.

Alas, I digress.

solar eclipse magic

First, this is a heavy hitter month. I mean, for real. A girl can’t catch a break! This August’s theme is total cleanse, you can’t keep what’s not working for you – even if you try, kind of month. More on that here. So we’re already working through some pretty tough emotional Super Soul Sunday kind of stuff. Re-evaluation time, what’s working, what’s not. Buh-bye to what’s not. No choice in it, so my suggestion is handle with grace.

Next, we have a super charged retrograde that is currently messing up my home internet, travel plans, and my iPhone. Thanks retrograde! This retrograde is in Virgo, lasting from August 12th – Sept 5th. Retrograde isn’t as bad as most people make it out to be. Most people just operate incorrectly during a retrograde, making it harder on themselves. Don’t make big electronic purchases, not a good time to start new things, really just a time to chill the hell out and reflect. But what do we do? We tend to book that trip across the world, buy a laptop and try to push our will into the universe. Flash forward to crying on the bathroom floor with a bottle of red wine open, pouting about how retrogrades are the worst. Work with it, not against it. The only caveat is if you’re been working on something prior to the start of the retrograde, it’s fine to continue and finish.

Solar Eclipse Magic

Finally we get to this eclipse everyone is talking about! What can you do to harness this solar eclipse magic + make this a time to get what you want and then some? First, know that solar eclipses are pretty unusual, so this is a big deal by itself. Next, its important to know that eclipses are potent AF, which is a good thing! Their effects can be felt up to 6 months after the actual eclipse. Eclipses shake things up and sometimes that’s scary because it’s a little chaotic. But ultimately, it’s for the best because it usually shakes away the things (people, situations, etc.) that were not serving us and helping us be our highest self (best self, same thang). Change is a must for growth and growth is confusing, but on the other side of growth is blossoming. Look at you you little butterfly!

New Moon in Leo

New Moons are great times to start new things or take on new attitudes. Since this new moon is in Leo, it’s a great time to adopt great Leo qualities to help with your focus. It’s also a perfect time to reflect, especially since this new moon falls during a retrograde.

Create A Spell

Start by writing down your intention for the new moon. Remember to put your intention in the affirmative by stating it as if it’s already happening. Setting your intention is the first step to creating space for what you want. My intention for this new moon is that I fully embrace myself and own who I am.

Use Your Fav Tools

I like working with candles and stones that reflect what I’m trying to call to me. You may prefer a journal, a vision board, or something else. Whatever you feel drawn to is what you should use! Also, check out your local metaphysical stores (like House of Intuition and Twig + Stone), which will carry tons of amazing items to use for any of your solar eclipse magic needs.

Much Love you magical babes,

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  • A brilliant young lady recently prompted me to research astrology. My understanding is that “retrograde” is actually the appearance of a body (in this case Mercury) going “backward” or east-west. That is the optical illusion of Mercury changing direction from Earth’s standpoint.

    If I hold two flashlights out from left and right hands pointed east and west and turn them on, then I have just created an object travelling twice the speed of light. The photon going east is travelling at twice the speed of light from it’s vantage point to the photon travelling west.

    Nothing is anything unless it is in comparison. Brilliant piece of work June. Thank you.

    ps – regarding the South not welcoming spiritual healers, Louisiana has it’s roots and the Gullah too for that matte just to name a very few. Your mother is not alone by any stretch of the imagination no matter where she lives. Neither are you. Neither am I.


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