Weekend Wellness: Basecamp Fitness

LA fitness studio

Recently, I stopped by LA fitness studio, Basecamp Fitness, to check out one of their many classes that specializes in interval training at your highest level of intensity. Designed to keep your body guessing at what’s next, the workouts combine a mixture of cardio, endurance, strength, and balance. The studio uses high intensity workouts to give you non-stop movement that alternate cardio and strength, which maximizes body sculpting in a fun, fast-paced quick workout setting. I caught up with Niklaus Kish, COO of Basecamp, who gave me all the details on their methods and what to expect from their classes.

LA fitness studio

What makes Basecamp Fitness so unique?

Basecamp tries to solve the 2 most common challenges people face when it comes to working out: time and what to do. Most people know they need to workout but have a hard time finding the time. Basecamp offers 35 minute interval format that combines cardio and strength so people can get a complete workout in a short period of time. The other problem is when people are able to make time, they often don’t know what to do, or don’t have the time and energy to put together a workout plan. Basecamp is more than just classes, it’s an entire fitness program that has a different workout everyday. The weeks alternate between full body and split style of training, as well as  between strength and functional.

LA fitness studio

Who is Basecamp designed for?

Basecamp is designed for anyone looking for a quick, effective and positive fitness experience and program.  The workout can be for beginners or advanced athletes, we empower our members with information and choices to make Basecamp work for them.

Any specialty workouts?

Every day is a different workout, using different equipment and training styles to produce results.

Fitness studio motto?

You, Stronger, Faster!

Favorite workout song?

Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris

LA fitness studio
8714 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite C
West Hollywood, CA 90069(424) 343-0555

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