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#InsideBeauty: Angel Cisneros, Eyebrow Guru

Like most kids, especially only children, I ended up doing some pretty crazy things to amuse myself when I was young. Among them (and most infamously according to my mom), was a 'summer hair cut' for my cat, a hair makeover for all my Barbie dolls,  giving my poor cat a 'lipstick makeover', making wine from 'Hi-C' [...]

Jetset June

#FernwehFridays: Morocco

Fernweh Fridays Hi loves, welcome to my first Fernweh Fridays edition, where I show you a place I want to visit and highlight the amazing food, fashion and culture that have caught my eye. I'll share with you some local eats, fabric treats and local customs, traditions and fun facts. The word fernweh doesn't translate [...]


{What to Wear}: Coachella Outfit Ideas

As most of you know by now, Coachella is one of my favourite holidays! Okay, so it's not actually a holiday, but it feels like Christmas - that's how much I love one of the world's best music festivals. Second to Coachella, are the style memories and fashion inspo you see all weekend long. Here, I [...]


{Fit Fridays}: Brazilian Butt Workout

Hi loves!! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! Remember, if you want that summer body, keep up your hard work on the weekends with a light, but important workout! Today's workout + song are designed to keep you moving and shaking while you master the moves that are going to help you get that coveted Brazilian Bikini [...]


{Fit Fridays}: She’s Got Legs!

Hi my loves!! I'm sorry my posts haven't been as frequent as they normally are! It has been a very busy few weeks, but I have some exciting things in the pipeline that I can't wait to share with you!!! Rest assured, my posts will continue regularly starting today! Which brings me to the next [...]