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{Fit Fridays}: Brazilian Butt Workout

Hi loves!! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! Remember, if you want that summer body, keep up your hard work on the weekends with a light, but important workout! Today's workout + song are designed to keep you moving and shaking while you master the moves that are going to help you get that coveted Brazilian Bikini [...]


{Fit Fridays}: She’s Got Legs!

Hi my loves!! I'm sorry my posts haven't been as frequent as they normally are! It has been a very busy few weeks, but I have some exciting things in the pipeline that I can't wait to share with you!!! Rest assured, my posts will continue regularly starting today! Which brings me to the next [...]


Copenhagen, København, Copenhagen

Scandi-Land Adventures in Copenhagen   I had always dreamed of visiting Copenhagen, Denmark since I was much younger. There was always this unspoken familiarity that called to me and made me want to travel and I believe if a place calls to you, you must visit. Maybe it was my ancestors way of enticing me [...]


The Art of Manifesting in Life

The biggest trick I learned about manifesting was changing my mindset from fear and scarcity mode to love and abundance mode. What I mean by this is we often move through day to day activities motivated by a lot of fear: "I need to be out of debt," I can't afford....," "Why can't I find [...]


Adele – I Miss You

Music Du Jour: Adele I'm convinced whomever your mind wanders to while listening to Adele is the one your soul truly still loves. I think that's why her music hits such a nerve- its so raw and aching, like the feeling you have when your strewn across your bed, crying over the person you love who [...]

What Will Your Verse Be?

What Will Your Verse Be?

We are here to live. We were made for so much more than petty trivial pursuits and material items that give us ephemeral happiness. We were put on earth to achieve greatness; to live and love compassionately; to be brave individuals who leave their mark on the world, in hopes that it will improve the quality [...]