Gen Z Yellow

Trend Alert: Gen Z Yellow Blooms This Spring!

Gen Z Yellow

Millennial Pink was such a moment because it was the first time a generation had been ‘defined’ by a colour. Suddenly Millennial Pink popped up everywhere – clothing, accessories, ad campaigns, etc. But what follows a generationally defined colour for the next squad? Enter the new kid on the block- Gen Z Yellow. Different than yo average- this beautiful hue of yellow is blooming in time for spring, mark my words. The vibe of this colour choice lies somewhere between marigold and mustard yellow.


Gen Z Yellow

Mustard yellow, sunflower yellow, sun yellow… the possibilities are (almost) endless. Just like Millennial pink was a range of hues, Gen Z Yellow is no different. Yellow is such a bright and fun colour, the range allows for playfulness.


Gen Z Yellow

Expression, in a nutshell. Millennial Pink was all about reclaiming femininity. Gen Z Yellow, however, is all about reclaiming optimism, joy and hope for our future. Sunshine is energizing and invigorating, and symbolizes the energetic hope Gen Z represents because of their WILL DO attitude and strength.

Celeb Factor

Gen Z Yellow

This colour has already begun making its mark on the celeb circuit. From Queen B to Millie Bobby Brown and Yara Shahidi, influencers and celebs have embraced this bright expression.


BRB- while I go live for this colour moment. I am in love with this switch up because yellow is such an expressive shade. Have fun with it, style it however you want. Yellow is bright and poppin for a reason. You don’t need me or magazines to tell you how to stye it. Do you with it- that’s the whole point!

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