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Love yourself

Wild Guide: How to Fall in Love with Yourself

Wild Guide Rule #9 #MirrorMirror WILD GUIDE LESSON   Shortly after my 16th birthday, in my junior year in high school, I started battling depression. Unbeknownst to most people I know, my mind was almost a daily battle ground for deciding whether I wanted to be here or not. Things got markedly better and then [...]

being liked

Wild Guide: Being Liked Aint Everything!

Wild Guide Rule #8 #iLikeMyself WILD GUIDE LESSON   Too often, from the time we're very young, women are led to believe that being liked and being nice are the highest achievements. I'm here to tell you- they are not. Being liked by yourself and being nice to yourself are the highest achievements. I get [...]

Saying No

Wild Guide: The Art of Saying NO

Wild Guide Rule #7 #TellEmNo WILD GUIDE LESSON   So often women are taught to be pleasing, accommodating and the ultimate team player, often times to our own detriment or stress. Well, enough of that. There's a beautiful art to saying no while also not feeling bad. It's worth mastering because this world will so easily [...]

Drop The Beat Thursday's

Drop The Beat Thursday’s

Throwing more luxe tunes your way from my 7th volume of Drop The Beat Thursday's... Bringing you the hottest + freshest beats and mixes ♥ #youhearditherefirst ♥ ps- Kid Cudi gets ♥ twice bc the album is that luscious!