Skin Routine

#WildBeauty: My Ultimate Skin Routine

Skin Routine

So on average people think I’m at about 15 years younger than I am, thanks to my skin routine game being on lock. Also MAJOR blessings to good genes and drinking LOTS of water. But that’s only part of what keeps me looking baby fresh these days. Recently, I took a complimentary Sephora class called Skincare Solutions that revolutionized my skin routine game. I’m going to share some insider tips and advice and tell you the best go-to products and skin care routine leaders in the market. This is my full on routine, which includes exfoliation, so some of these steps you can use daily, and others you’ll want to do once a week or on par with your skin needs.

Step One

Apply a cleansing agent to your face before washing. Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil is my super hero for makeup removing products because it really is magic. It’s the best at removing makeup without drying your face out. If you’re absolutely sure you don’t have leftover makeup on in the morning, then I recommend a cleansing water, like Caudalie’s Micellar Cleansing Water or Ren’s Rosa Centifolia 3-In-1 Cleansing Water.

PM: At night, do a double cleanse to melt away makeup from the day and really clean your face before doing any of the next steps. I recomend following up Tatcha Oil with Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream for a solid double cleanse action.

skin routine

Step Two

Once a week you must exfoliate your skin. This will remove all of that texture (dead skin) that makes your skin look dry and aged. Bonus, by adding weekly exfoliating to your skin routine, you won’t even have to touch that smooth button in Facetune! Tatcha’s Rice Enzyme Powder is an amazing exfoliator that works with any combination of skin.

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Step Three

Masks, similar to exfoliators and peels, should be done only once a week. More and you risk stripping your skin and making it irritated and dry. The Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral-Rich Atomic Heat Mask is honestly what I live for. There is something really satisfying about its application and the fact that it warms up as it’s working so I feel it in action. You want to be sure to pick out a mask that’s anti-aging, brightening, but not exfoliating.

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Step Four

One of my absolute favourite peels is the Dr. Jart+ Micro Milk Peel. Applied once a week, it keeps my skin so smooth and fresh. Like babbbby smooth, for real. Peels help exfoliate and nourish skin. Its the ultimate prep for your skin routine and beauty regime.

PM: If I’m doing my peel at night, I love using Tatcha’s Radiance Mask because it’s a creamy rinse-off treatment that’s perfect right before bed.

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Step Five

So K-Beauty has taken over stateside (finally) and most of the anti-aging products to note come from Korean beauty lines. Essense oil does wonders for the skin and really is a must have in any skin care routine. For dewy glowing skin, I use an essence which lifts my tone and gives me an overall brighter, youthful look. I looooove using Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. There are so many amazing ones on the market such as Algenist’s Hydrating Essence Toner and Fresh’s Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence.

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Step Six

Here’s the real deal lovahhs- if you want that extra young, roll back the years look, you MUST add a serum to your routine. Dr. Roebuck’s Boost + Tighten Serum does exactly what it says. It’s one of my fav products and I love the way it feels. It feels like luxurious youth in a bottle. Yes, please!! I’ll take 3!

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Step Seven

One of the most telling areas that shows age is underneath the eyes. Don’t worry- I got you! My age defying remedy is Ole Henriksen’s Banana Bright Eye Cream + Peter Thomas Roth’s 24k Gold Eye Patches. When used together, your under eye wrinkles and lines honestly just don’t stand a chance. It’s brilliant. The cream is vitamin C-rich and targets signs of aging, while reducing the look of dark circles and improving concealer application and wear. The eye pads literally will change your life in less than 10 minutes. They takeaway fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. The Hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen help boost hydration and firmness to the area.

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Step Eight

People aways say ‘Black Don’t Crack!’ and part of the reason why is because we moisturize, frequently. Moisture is key to fresh, youthful skin. You’re not going to have glowing, dewy, youthful or bright skin if you don’t moisturize properly. There’s just no way around it. To boost my moisture game (meaning in addition to my regular hydrating sleep mask + lotion routine), I use Drunk Elephant’s Protini Polypeptide Cream. This moisturizer makes my skin feel like magic velvet and I am here. for. it.

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Step Nine

I wouldn’t be worth my weight in magic if I didn’t tell you one of the most important skin routine factors is skin protection. Using an SPF is a must even when inside all day. You should be using at least 15, but I prefer more because sun damage is the worst and hardest to fix. Finish off with a mist of SUPERGOOP’S Defense Refresh Setting Mist Broad Spectrum SPF 50 to keep that lewk cute. What’s major about this mist is that it’s a makeup setter, it helps control oil and shine  + it’s a skin protector all in one! It won’t disturb your makeup, so you can reapply easily.

skin routine

Step Ten

Pucker up lovahhs. This final step is all about getting those lips soft, plump and luscious. The second easiest spot to define age is your lips. Wrinkles, spots, texture, dryness all show your real age. Fight back with a simple lip care routine. In the AM, use an exfoliating scrub to get rid of dead skin, texture and some spotting or discoloration. Tarte’s Pout Prep Lip Exfoliant hydrates while it exfoliates. And Bite Beauty’s Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub which is infused with antioxidant resveratrol, exfoliates and visibly brightens your lips over time.

PM: At night, I use the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask for extra help with dryness and fine lines. It moisturizes for smoother, more lush lips overnight. I bought mine brand new off of Poshmark about a month ago and have seen my lines visibly reduce.

skin routine

And there you have it. This is the whole list of my ultimate products in my skin routine lineup. Let me know if you have any questions! Shout if you have any recommendations! And tell me if you guys end up trying these out for the first time!! ♥♥♥

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